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Temperature Control with Timer and LED display

Sauna Control Panel mounting in 3-gang box

Sauna Control application example

Model series SD-4PB
With external temperature sensor
Models for 120Vac, 208-250Vac, 
12V and 24V AC/DC
Output load : up to 60 Amp / 250Vac.
Optional Remote Control + Display Panel
Temperature range: -40F (-40C ) to 255F ( 124C )
Higher ranges available up to 960F ( 515C )
Timer range: Seconds, Hours, Minutes or Days
Heating and/or Cooling modes

SD-4PB face plates for Sauna Control Panel

Up to 9 push-buttons:
6.  USER PRESET or FAN ( optional relay contact )
7.  LIGHT  ON / OFF ( optional relay contact )
8.  RADIO / CD  ON / OFF ( optional relay contact )
9.  Preheat or DELAY-BEFORE-START up to 100 hrs

Example Installation
in 3-gang wiring box

Black, White or Custom
labels available

Metal Face
Dim's:  6.5" x 4.5" x 0.3"
165mm x 115mm x 8mm

Examples of Sauna Controller custom labels
Sauna Controller face panels


Sauna Control Panel
Infra Red Sauna Control
Spa Controller
Steam Bath Control
Heater Thermostat
HVAC ​Thermostat
Refrigeration ​Thermostat
Water Tank Temperature Control
Yoga Room ​Thermostat
Freezer Temperature Control
Solar Water Heater ​Thermostat
Ventilation Control
Chiller ​Thermostat
Pool Temperature Control
Timed Heating ​Thermostat
Timed Cooling ​Thermostat
Greenhouse Temperature Control
Temperature Monitoring and Alarm
Heat / Cool Process Control
Oven Temperature Control


  • Accurate digital temperature and time control
  • Sensor wire up to 500ft (150M)
  • Accumulated operating time memory option
  • Preset memory
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Programmable temp and timer limits
  • Large LED display
  • Large push-buttons
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful internal relays
  • Simple wiring
  • Supply and load can be different voltage
  • Message on display when error detected


  • Remote control panel with display
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Extended timer ranges
  • Special custom functionality
  • Up to 2 additional, internal relays
  • Variety of temperature sensors
  • Special custom re-calibration
  • Red, green or blue LED display
  • Additional input for external contact
  • Additonal output for external LED lamp
  • More or fewer push-buttons
  • Custom designed face label
  • Optional internal buzzer

Programmable operating setpoints:

  • Minimum and Maximum temperature Limit
  • Minimum and Maximum timer Limit
  • Pre-heat or Stand-by temperature
  • Delay-Before-Start timer period
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius units
  • Multiple users preset
  • Steam re-fill wait period

Programmable Control of Outputs:

  • High Power relay 1 control ( 30 Amp )
  • High Power relay 2 control ( 30 Amp )
  • Medium Power relay 3 control ( 10 Amp )
  • Medium Power relay 4 control ( 10 Amp )
  • Active relay indication
  • Manual and Automatic relay control
  • Relay contacts isolated from each other
Temperature Sensor Probes
Sauna Control Panel flush mount Sauna Temperature sensor probes for Sauna Control
Flush face control panel installation
with optional remote panel
Sauna Control Panel Semi-Flush mount

Some available sensor models
Wiring e​xtendable
up to 500 ft ( 150M)

Semi-Flush face control panel
installation in wall or panel
( also optional remote control panel shown )
Sauna Remote Start - Stop button and light
Protection for Temperature Sensors 
Sauna Temperature Probe with flange Mounting Guard for Sauna Temperature Sensor probes Plastic guard for Sauna temperature sensor probes

Optional Plate-Guard
for standard sensor probes.
Plastic model PPP-4
and SS model PPS-4

Temperature Sensor
with Flange
Sauna Remote START - STOP button
with LED indicator

Optional Plastic Guard
for standard sensor probes.
Model PG-5

Temperature & Time Controller wiring examples

More Wiring Examples for SD-4 Sauna Control Sauna Control wiring with contactor

Extended SD-4PB Sauna Control wiring
with contactor
for very high loads

Sauna Controller wiring for up to 30Amps

Simple SD-4PB Sauna Control wiring
for up to 30 Amps load

Sauna Controller wiring for up to 60 Amps Sauna Control wiring with light or fan

SD-4PB Sauna Control wiring
with additional
light or fan control

Extended SD-4PB Sauna Control  wiring
for up to 60 Amps
loads​ in two banks

Thermostat - Timer Operation Description

Download Sauna Controller Specifications 

SD-4PB is a digital temperature and time controller designed for Heating and/or Cooling.
It has an internal, accurate, programmable thermostat processor, that is self-calibrating and does not require any maintenance or adjustments.
The internal, programmable timer allows the user to set the thermostat to operate for a preset period of time, depending upon the model; in seconds, minutes, hours or days.
While the timer is running, the thermostat controls the on-board relays.
Standard models have two on-board, high power relays with contacts rated for up to 30Amp, 250Vac load max. each. Optionally an internal alarm buzzer or up to two additional relays can be ordered for special applications to control loads of up to 10Amp, 250Vac max. each.
The high power and the optional relays' contacts can be wired up to control Heaters, HVAC and other loads like a Fan, Motor, Pump, etc...
All relays' contacts can be wired up as completely isolated from the controller's supply, so the supply voltage can be different than the voltages on the loads.
In order to switch very high loads, the relays' contacts can be wired up to control the coils of external contactors.
An additional, dry contact input can be ordered for external Start/Stop control switch or other applications, like for instance a water level sensor switch.
Also, an additional, low voltage output can be ordered for max. load of up to 30mA, 5Vdc, for instance to connect to an external LED indicator lamp.
The controller is operated and the temperature and timer are preset by pressing the corresponding keys on the control panel face. The preset values are stored in internal memory.
A variety of the controller's operating configurations, temperature and timer ranges and limits are also programmable via the face plate keys.
In customized face plates the controller can have up to 9 push-buttons.
The 6-digit LED display shows the temperature and timer preset values, the current temperature, the timer count, and other indications of operation. The LED display can be ordered in RED, GREEN or BLUE color.
Another option is an external Remote Control and Display Panel ( SDR-4PB ) that can be connected to the main panel via a 4- or 2-conductor cable up to 500 ft ( 150M ) away.
Note, that the SD-4PB controllers are designed to eliminate almost completely the EMF ( Electro Magnetic Field ) radiation.

Numbering System

Numbering System for Sauna Thermostats and Timers